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The Tunguska Event: Eyewitness Account

M. R. Romanov, peasant, Nizhne-Ilimsk

Note appended to an undated questionnaire:

At the beginning of the ninth hour of the morning, local time, there appeared a fiery sphere which flew in a direction from the southeast to the northwest. This sphere, as it neared the earth, took on the form above and below of a flattened sphere (as was visible to the naked eye); approaching even nearer to the earth, this sphere had the look of two fiery colums. As that enormous mass fell to earth, there occurred two strong crashes, like thunder, but the fact that the sky was completely cloudless may serve as proof that it was not thunder, then later there was heard a noise as if from a strong wind; the duration of this phenomenon was around 15 minutes.

— translated by Bill DeSmedt

copyright (c) 2004 by amber productions, inc.



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copyright (c) 2004 by amber productions, inc.