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Vurdalak Conjecture links



Tunguska Links


University of Bologna

The premiere academic site for research into the Tunguska phenomenon.

Tunguska Event

Another Russian site, this one including materials from the 90th-anniversary conference held in Krasnoyarsk, June 30-July 6, 1998.

Tunguska Links

The megalink Tunguska page — all Tunguska, all the time.

Tunguska Echoes

James Oberg's critique of Tunguska UFOlogy.

Simulation of the Tunguska Airburst

A QuickTime recreation of the Event, and a map that’s off by maybe a thousand miles.

Tunguska Tectonics

...And now for something completely different: Andrei Ol’khovatov’s geophysical interpretation of the Tunguska Event.


Black Hole Links


This is just a sample link


Site Description


Vurdalak Conjecture Links

Jackson-Ryan Abstract

The closest thing you’ll find on the web to the 1973 Nature article that started it all. And what’s the US Department of Energy doing publishing it???

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