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Soapbox Seminar Signup

— Where’s Jack going with all this?





If you can’t wait to find out, sign up right here,
and we’ll send an email notifying you
the minute he posts each new lecture
in his "Soapbox Seminar" series.

NOTE: the sign-up service for Doctor Jack's Soapbox Seminars is offered free of charge and without obligation. Your email will be used only for purposes of notifying you when Doctor Jack's next seminar becomes available on the Vurdalak Conjecture website, and will not be sold to, or otherwise shared with, any third parties.

Signup is offered solely as a convenience to those members of the Vurdalak Conjecture community who wish to be advised as soon as the next Soapbox Seminar is posted. You do not need to sign up in order to view the new seminars
(as long as you don’t mind checking back all the time to see when the next one’s been posted).


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