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The Tunguska Event: Eyewitness Account

Professor Fowler, South Kensington, England

“The Recent Nocturnal Glows,”
The Times of London, Saturday July 4, 1908

The remarkably ruddy glows which have been seen on many nights lately have attracted much attention and have been seen over an area as far as Berlin, There is considerable difference of opinion as to their nature. Some hold that they are auroral; their colour is quite consistent with this view, and there is also the fact that Professor Fowler of South Kensington predicted auroral displays at this time from his observations, which showed great disturbances in the sun’s prominences. There was a slight, but plainly marked disturbance of the magnets on Tuesday night, and this materially strengthened the auroral theory, as the two phenomena are very closely correlated. However, this was shaken on the following night, when the glow was quite as strong, but the magnets were exceptionally quiet....


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